Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nati Sound Reviews

Band: Emmaline
Album: 2011 Demo
Reviewer: Mike Heffron
Photo: Courtesy of the Emmaline facebook


If you’ve been following the Nati Sound then by now you’ve noticed an awful lot of metal and hardcore bands being posted up lately. Why is that? Because the local scene is absolutely exploding right now! In a good way. The Cincinnati -core scene has been percolating for years, birthing a few notable acts like Close To Home (featured in the April issue of AP magazine), Corpus Christi (Victory records), and Rose Funeral (Metalblade records).

The Cincinnati metal/-core scene is something to watch because these musicians are oozing talent (if you can dig yoself some breakdowns). The band Emmaline isn’t actually from Cincinnati, but about an hour northwest in Connersville, Indiana. However, they’ve played the Nait multiple times and are looking for recognition within our respected little scene.


Emmaline’s demo starts off with the track “Ascendancy”, emphasis on the -dancy if you like breaking it down on the floor at a show. Drummer Blake Tidrow’s beats are gloriously jaw dropping. His impeccable blast beats and double bass fills are a testament to the band’s professionalism. He’s not overly-flashy or attention-seeking with his playing; he just provides the perfect pounding backdrop Emmaline needs. Fast forward to 1:30 on the demo’s third tack “Deception” and you will see exactly what I mean.


Vocalist Brett Vadakin is a powerhouse screamer with a range that cuts through the mix while remaining lyrically audible (not an easy feat!). He doesn’t go for the cliche bottomed-out low growls or shrieking highs that clog the scene, instead Brett has found a unique middle ground that remains appealing song after song.

(Brett rocking some long hair)

Listening through the three song demo, I found myself envisioning Parkway Drive and August Burns Red. However, Emmaline doesn’t sound like a copy of either, or anyone for that matter. The guitarists Chris and Curran, with Devin on bass, sync up like a well oiled bulldozer. Their harmonies and trade offs keep the tremolo riffing and breakdowns catchy but simple enough that even someone unfamiliar with deathcore can rock along to the groove.

(Devin and Chris)

I suggest adding Emmaline to your music library the first chance you get. Until then, you can stream the demo for free on their facebook page. Definitely keep an eye on this Indiana quintet and be sure to catch them the next time they come through our beloved Queen City.

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