Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long Time No See...

By: Mike Heffron

We here at Nati Sound apologize for the lack of content posted recently. Our staff members have been very busy with personal business that has gotten in the way of our journalistic efforts. This drought is coming to end, we promise, so please stick with us! May is going to be a big month for us and for Cincinnati music.

Do you know any bands that you would like to see featured on the Nati Sound?
Do you know any shows that Nati Sound should list or review?
Who are some of your favorite local bands or musicians?
We want to know! We need your help to keep as up to date as we can in the happenings of the Cincinnati scene.

Despite the social networking revolution, word of mouth about shows and bands isn’t traveling like it used to. We do everything we can to keep our ears to the ground, combing the underground for bands you may not have heard and should hear! But there will always be things we will miss; whether it's a live-changing show or an amazing band that has slipped under the radar.
This is where we need your help.
If you have anything to share with us, do not hesitate; e-mail us at heffronmusic@gmail.com.

With that said, I want to switch gears and tell you about the great things we have coming up in the next month!

More band interviews:
All of your wonderful feedback has had told us that our most popular article to date was the interview with He Became The Martyr. To show you we are listening, we are working on setting up more interviews with bands ranging from acoustic to death metal.

Practice Space Performances:
Our mission is to bring Cincinnati music directly to the listeners, what better way to do that then to give fans of local artists a look inside the practice space of their favorite band. We will be capturing one-of-a-kind performances, raw and unedited.

Frequent Show Listings:
In the past we’ve posted up lists of upcoming shows, but this will become a more common occurrence. Some of the feedback received told us that if we hadn’t posted up these shows some fans would have missed out on finding their new favorite band or having an awesome time with their friends.

Thanks again to everyone who has continued reading Nati Sound. We won’t let you down. Keeping rocking Cincinnati!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Daily Dose

Band: To Die For


Genre: Electronic Hardcore

Bio: Forming in April 2010 "To Die For" is already making a name for themselves and bringing a fresh and fun sound to the scene. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio "To Die For" is a young and fun band, with 6 members, all with different musical influences "To Die For" is ready to show everyone what they can do. (taken from the band's myspace)


Visit: www.myspace.com/wearetdf