Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Daily Dose

Band: Don't Wait Up


Genre: Pop-Punk

Bio: Don't Wait Up was formed out of the dumps of Norwood Ohio in the summer of 2010. Wanting to play the same type of music that they grew up on, bestfriends, Michael Padgett and Mike Newton set out to start a band of their own. Searching for missing pieces to their band they sought out a dying pop punk band called "Heres To The Past" where they added Carmen Hood and Ryan Sinclair. Later, the band collaborated with Ryan Dickey to fill the thought to be last spot. But lacking that sound they were striving for Don't Wait Up reached out to Guitarist Aaron Ogle to fit the final piece and so Don't Wait Up was born.


Visit: www.reverbnation.com/dontwaitup

Music: www.reverbnation.com/dontwaitup

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