Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Daily Dose

Band: The Upset Victory


Genre: Rock

Bio:"Storming in from Cincinnati, Ohio with all the power of a weighty sledgehammer, all-killer-no-filler, The Upset Victory. With ever-so-slight dashes of Thursday, Story of the Year, and Saves the Day in their sonic recipe, these lads are on the cusp of a major "victory" indeed! Another spot-on-winner and stellar act from the heads in the know over at Take Over Digital!" -



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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Daily Dose

Band: Keep Me From Dreaming


Genre: Hardcore

Bio: Keep Me From Dreaming is a melodic hardcore band located out of Dayton, Ohio. They are serious about their music and trying to produce a new sound in the music scene. Only being together for a few months, Keep Me From Dreaming has already played many shows, most of them being out of state and weekend tours. They will be recording their EP within the next few months and planning a summer tour with some amazing bands. Keep checking back for updates on an amazing up and coming Ohio band!
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Keep Me From Dreaming | Myspace Video

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Dose

We're back! We apologize for the lull in content we've been putting up. We're going to begin downsizing our postings to better provide you with consistent updates. To do this we are starting a series called The Daily Dose, we'll put up a local band, give you some info, links, and then you check them out! One new band a day keeps the music bores away. So without further ado, our new series, The Daily Dose!

Band: Allies Aside

Genre: Hardcore

Bio: Hey Guys! We are Allies Aside. We consist of 5 members, Patrick (Vocals), Steve (Guitar), Vincent (Guitar), Zach (Bass/ Vocals), and Brady (Drums). We are a local band from Cincinnati Ohio. Our genre of music is metal / hardcore. Our music consists of heavy breakdowns and intense screams. We love to see our fans mosh there brutal hearts out and bring the energy to our shows! So far we've had the opportunity to play at The Blue Note, Dirty Jacks, The Mad Hatter, The Underground, Fogarty's and more.



Monday, February 14, 2011

Nati Sound Reviews

Band: Altered
Album: Katch Me
Reviewer: Zeke Haskell
Photos: Courtesy of the Altered myspace.

Altered with fans

Sound: Altered is a band from Atwood, Kentucky (about 20 miles south of the Nati). These rough-around-the-edges guys aren’t exactly breaking musical barriers but they bring to the table an old-school heavy metal vibe, sprinkled with contemporary flourishes. Right from the start of the album it is clear that 80’s and 90’s metal still lives within Altered. These Kentucky boys sound like they should be taking whiskey body shots off strippers on Sunset Boulavard in Cali, with their wah-wah laden guitar solos and sludgy riffing that call to mind Alice In Chains mixed with Metallica and Motley Crue.


Lyrics and Vocals: Lyrics on Katch Me revolve around subjects like women, cars, war, and isolation. Lead vocalist “Cage” comes off as a smoky Vince Neil and Phil Anselmo while maintaining an original tone that shines but has moments of cliche uncertainty, like an occasionally reverberated laugh that sounds like James Hetfield at the end of Master of Puppets. Cage’s melodies are drenched in rock n’ roll attitude, with a range that goes from in-your-face highs to gutturally grimy lows.

Altered at Boomerang's bar in St. Bernard

Impression: A great biker bar soundtrack. The first song, Just Another Day carries a middle-finger message to anti-war advocates but it’s use of back up vocals and a speech in the bridge make the most unique track on the album. Other songs like Rolled Under Stone seem to give a bad-boy point of view on break up and recovery. The live recorded There gives great contrast to the heavier tracks with a more Stone Temple Pilots feel.


The musicality of lead guitarist “Zambini” and the rest of the band is undoubted in their skill but questioned in their originality. The song writing is heavy metal through-and-through but rough, like the rest of the sound, and could use a little more polish. However, bands like Altered have a hard time conveying their full experience through only the recorded songs; a lot of the power comes in the live experience of seeing them on stage. Just something for the reader to keep in mind.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Check out altered on myspace:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nati Sound Reviews

Band: Stoning Mary
Album: 2010 Demo
Reviewer: Mike Heffron


    I’ve been an avid fan of 90’s alternative music since I started high school way back in 2004. There is a special quality about grunge rock that struck a chord (musician pun) with me at that time in my life. Sadly, true grunge was long “dead” by the time I discovered its greasy corpse. At least that’s what I thought, but little did I know there was a band right here in Cincinnati carrying on the torch of the 90s alternative spirit. Their name is Stoning Mary and they’ve been rocking together since 2006. Late last year, Stoning Mary released a 4-song demo to display their new vision and sound. They were kind enough to send us a copy for review here at Nati Sound.


    “Lay you down, I’ll lay you out, one thing’s for sure, it’s gonna hurt!” vocalist Eric wails to start off the song “Black Ice”, the first track on the demo. A maelstrom of distorted guitars and a thunderous rhythm section fill out the dark atmosphere of Stoning Mary’s style. “Our sound is generally heavy with the ability to pull-back in both volume and style. We value our freedom to explore and refuse to be constrained by one particular label that works for us...We stress crafting good songs and appreciate the notion of solid vocals,” they say on their myspace.

    Influences like Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, TAD, and the Foo Fighters can all be heard in the 2010 demo. Stoning Mary certainly has a modern-rock sound, but they go beyond the typical radio-brand of post-grunge. The guitar solos on the demo blur the line between thrash metal and bluesy grime. While some of SM’s verses seem lacking, their catchy, pounding choruses make up for it with great chant-able lines like “You don’t know how they kick you down! You don’t care how they push you around!”


    I think Stoning Mary describe their sound perfectly with a single word: Angergasm. Themes of their songs revolve around the dark side of the psycho-social-political world we live in today. Many of the lyrics covey anger over exploitation, intimidation, and confusion. Eric’s vocal style range is very dynamic as he’s able to sing well in a raspy baritone but also soar up to reach tenor-range high notes.

    Overall, I recommend Stoning Mary as a band to keep an eye on. These guys are going hard to the paint with writing, rehearsing, and gigging. I have a feeling 2011 will be a big year of this Cincinnati three-piece. You can connect with SM on myspace ( where you can also listen to the tracks off the 2010 demo for free.