Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming Soon

Over the next couple months, we here at Nati Sound are going to be doing all we can to rattle this scene. Change is coming and we’re going to be your weathermen, forecasting the whole thing. Here are a few ideas we are currently cultivating.

Nati Sound Compilation
A proposed CD/mp3 compilation of various artists from the Cincinnati area. Everybody from metal bands to techno junkies to acoustic artists are welcome to submit material for the compilation. There will be 12-15 available tracks and the best submissions will be featured in the comp. The compilations will be free of charge, you will be able to download it directly from our site or you will can find a copy at any number of supporting shows that we will be sure to mention. If the first one is successful, we may expand on the idea and release new compilations every year.

Musicians interested in submitting music for the compilation, e-mail us at natisound@heffronbros.com for more details.

Open Mic Showcase
Another idea we’ve been throwing around is having a one night open mic event where acoustic singer/songwriters, comedians, poets, and other performers can present their talents to a new audience. Each performer will get two songs, two poems, or five minutes of performance time, so everyone can participate. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. This is supposed to be an opportunity for artists who may never have had the chance to play in front of a crowd before. More details will be given as we move this idea forward.

Nati Sound Radio
A far off idea, but one that we think is really cool. We’d love to set up an online radio station that only plays local music. We might do it in segments, like metal mondays, acoustic thursdays, etc. or we might just put it on a 24 hour shuffle and you can be surprised by what you might hear. Again, this idea is one we will focus on farther into the future. If you like this idea, let us know and we could make it happen sooner.

Support from you, the reader, is the most important thing we strive for. We report on the music so you can discover new artists. We work for free because there is talent in this city that deserves to be recognized and appreciated, no matter what. Local music is where it all starts; there is something magical about a band that you share roots with. We encourage everyone to do your part for art. Go see a show. Listen to a new band’s myspace player. Quit sitting on the bench and get involved in what is happening.

Thanks again for your continuing support,

-The Nati Sound Team

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